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No, you didn't miss your chance at 2014 NHL draft tickets yet

The process has been a little confusing, but no, you still haven't missed your chance at getting NHL Draft tickets.

Bruce Bennett

The public distribution of NHL Draft tickets is Friday. We reported this yesterday. It is true. There will be tickets available at 1 p.m. tomorrow via the Flyers website, so if you don't have yours yet and want to go, you will have that chance tomorrow.

But there's a lot of confusion. If you're on the Flyers official email mailing list, you probably got an email today that looked like this.


This is the second pre-giveaway (or pre-sale, if you will) the Flyers have done. First they gave season ticket holders the opportunity back in mid-May. On Thursday they gave subscribers to their mailing list an early crack at tickets with the email you see above. In less than an hour, the presale tickets for Round 1 were gone, with only a few left for the second day.

But that doesn't mean the 2014 Draft is sold out. It doesn't mean you missed out.

The presale is today. Pre. Sale.

Tickets are available Friday for both rounds.
Tickets are available Friday.
Tickets are available Friday.
Go to this link at 1 p.m. on Friday, May 29.
That is tomorrow.
Tickets are available at that link tomorrow, Friday, at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
Tomorrow. Tickets. Draft. Friday.

The tickets are free and available on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you're at your computer at 1 p.m. ET if you still want your chance to go to the Draft.