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Friday Morning Fly By: One week 'til the draft, woo!

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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*We're exactly one week out from the draft, in which the Flyers hold six total picks. [BSH]

*Looking back on Steve Mason's '13-'14 season. [BSH]

*More free agent speculation, this time in the form of Devils defenseman Mark Fayne and, hilariously, Canadiens RFA P.K. Subban.

*2014 Draft scouting report on Sonny Milano, who has silky smooth hands like Tom Sestito. [BSH]

*Meltzer on the Gord Murphy, the Stralman rumors,and building a defense. [Hockeybuzz]

*With the 17th pick in SB Nation's mock draft, the Philadelphia Flyers select Dylan Larkin. [BSH]

*The Flyers have released their full 2014 preseason schedule. [Flyers]

*For some reason new assistant coach Gord Murphy is enthusiastic about the Flyers defense. [CSN Philly]

*The NHL has announced who will be presenting and performing at the 2014 NHL Awards. []

*Hey Flyers? The Preds have an annual craft beer festival. Can we have one too? [On The Forecheck]

*Why points aren't the same as offense. [mc79hockey]

*DGB looks at the things most hockey fans got wrong in this year's playoffs. [Grantland]

*And finally, this Bruins fan got the stupidest hockey tattoo in history, let's all have a hearty laugh at his expense. [Puck Daddy]