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It's probably Blackhawks, not Flyers, vs. Capitals in the 2015 Winter Classic

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There were strong rumors that the Flyers would be the Washington Capitals opponent in the 2015 Winter Classic, but it's now looking like the Blackhawks will take that spot.

Bruce Bennett

We've never had an East vs. West Winter Classic before, but that looks like it'll be changing in 2015. That's bad news for Philadelphia Flyers fans who were hoping to see their team in a third outdoor NHL game next season in the Nation's Capital.

According to Bob McKenzie from TSN, as passed along to us by SB Nation's Capitals blog Japers' Rink, it looks like it will be the Washington Capitals hosting the Chicago Blackhawks in DC for the 2015 Winter Classic in January.

The Capitals were announced as the host last September, but a venue and an opponent were not announced. Rumors were swirling back around Christmas that the Flyers would be the opponent -- a natural pick given the divisional rivalry, the close proximity between cities and the television ratings Philadelphia brings -- and they were even told that they were in the running, according to reports. But it looks like that's changed.

If the Blackhawks are indeed the opponent, it'll be their third outdoor NHL regular season game. It would also be the Flyers third. Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers lead the pack, having each played three outdoor games to date.

We're still uncertain on the venue for the 2015 Winter Classic. It could be any number of stadiums in the Washington D.C. area.

We'll find out it all out soon enough, though: the 2014-15 NHL schedule is set to be released this coming Sunday, June 22.