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2014-15 Flyers schedule: The season begins in Boston on October 8

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The full 2014-15 schedule will be announced Sunday at 4 p.m.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers will kick off the 2014-15 NHL season in Boston on Wednesday, October 8. It will be the Bruins home opener. The Flyers then travel home to take the ice the next night in their own home opener on Thursday, October 9 against the New Jersey Devils.

The full NHL schedule will be released on Sunday at 4 p.m. ET and we'll obviously have full coverage right here at BSH.

For your reading pleasure, here's a full list of home openers for every NHL team:

  • Anaheim Ducks: Friday, Oct. 17 vs. Minnesota
  • Arizona Coyotes: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Winnipeg
  • Boston Bruins: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. Philadelphia
  • Buffalo Sabres: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Columbus
  • Calgary Flames: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. Vancouver
  • Carolina Hurricanes: Friday, Oct. 10 vs. NY Islanders
  • Chicago Blackhawks: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Buffalo
  • Colorado Avalanche: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Minnesota
  • Columbus Blue Jackets: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. NY Rangers
  • Dallas Stars: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Chicago
  • Detroit Red Wings: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Boston
  • Edmonton Oilers: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Calgary
  • Florida Panthers: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. New Jersey
  • Los Angeles Kings: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. San Jose
  • Minnesota Wild: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Colorado
  • Montreal Canadiens: Thursday, Oct. 16 vs. Boston
  • Nashville Predators: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Ottawa
  • New Jersey Devils: Saturday, Oct. 18 vs. San Jose
  • New York Islanders: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Carolina
  • New York Rangers: Sunday, Oct. 12 vs. Toronto
  • Ottawa Senators: Thursday, Oct. 16 vs. Colorado
  • Philadelphia Flyers: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. New Jersey
  • Pittsburgh Penguins: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Anaheim
  • San Jose Sharks: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Winnipeg
  • St. Louis Blues: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. NY Rangers
  • Tampa Bay Lightning: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Florida
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Wednesday, Oct. 8 vs. Montreal
  • Vancouver Canucks: Saturday, Oct. 11 vs. Edmonton
  • Washington Capitals: Thursday, Oct. 9 vs. Montreal
  • Winnipeg Jets: Friday, Oct. 17 vs. Nashville