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2014-15 Flyers schedule highlights: Some more notes and key dates on the schedule

The Flyers released their schedule on Sunday. Here are some facts about the set of games they'll play this year.

Bruce Bennett

As you know, the Flyers released their schedule earlier on Sunday afternoon. You can see it laid out in full, with a few key dates highlighted, here.

A few more notes on the schedule, including a quick reminder of the schedule format under the new divisional layout:

* The Flyers will play 30 games within their own division, including five each against the Blue Jackets and Hurricanes and four against all of the Penguins, Capitals, Rangers, Devils, and Islanders.

* They'll play three games against each team in the Atlantic Division (for a total of 24 games). They'll have two home games and one road game against each of the Red Wings, Panthers, Lightning, and Senators, and two road games and one home game against the Bruins, Sabres, Canadiens, and Maple Leafs.

* They'll round out the schedule with two games (one home, one away) against every team in the Western Conference.

* The Flyers will play 14 sets of back-to-back games. They also played 14 last season.

* They won't play any games from January 21 through January 26, as the league will be on the All-Star break beginning on the 22nd. Other than that, their longest break consists of five straight days without a game from November 9 through November 13.

* Their longest road swing of the season will be the eight-game trip that spans over the end of 2014, which will begin in Toronto on December 20 and end in New Jersey on January 3. On the other side of the coin, their longest stretch of home games is four games long (not counting a five-gamer interrupted by the All-Star break), but they'll have six different four-game homestands during the season.

* While we can't confirm until the national TV schedule is released, it's likely that the Flyers will be in a national TV game on NBC on Black Friday, November 28, when they face the Rangers at 1:00 p.m. ET. Chances are, that game will not get bumped up to 11:30 like the Flyers' Black Friday game did this past season.

So there's your schedule. Enjoy.