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Hockey Hall of Fame 2014: Eric Lindros again left out, but Peter Forsberg gets in

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Another year, another Eric Lindros Hall of Fame snub. This year kind of makes sense, though.

Jim McIsaac

Hockey Hall of Fame announcement today. No Eric Lindros again. He's been eligible since 2010 and should have been in years ago, but here we are four years later and he's still not in.

We've written plenty of times that Lindros deserves to be inducted, but honestly, of all the years he's been snubbed this one is the easiest to understand. It was a really, really good class this year, with a lot of first-time eligible players. They can only induct a maximum of four players per year, so Lindros was likely to be left out.

Peter Forsberg is a no-brainer. We only got to see a little of his magic with the Flyers but he's one of the all-time great talents to ever play the game. The other players are slam dunks too: Hasek and Modano are first-time eligible and Rob Blake is in just his second year of eligibility. All four are deserving, as are Pat Burns and Bill McCreary.

Lindros has a real chance at getting in next year with only a handful of obvious choices. Sergei Fedorov and Nicklas Lidstrom will be eligible for the first time and will probably be locks to earn induction, but beyond that? Maybe Mark Recchi, who missed out this year ... and then Lindros.