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BSH Radio Archive: Hartnell/Umberger, Brayden Schenn, the draft, and more

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Hartnell! Umberger! Schenn! Draft! Everything else we've missed in the last month or so! Sports! We talked about it all on Monday night.

wow how awkward is this huh guys
wow how awkward is this huh guys
Christopher Szagola-US PRESSWIRE

UPDATE: Episode is complete; see link or player below to listen. Original post below.


You may have heard that the Flyers did a few things today, such as trade away their longest-tenured forward to Columbus for a former Flyer and re-signed their most important restricted free agent to a two-year contract extension. There are things happening. So we're gonna talk about them.

BSH Radio, after taking a few weeks off, will be live on the air tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET. As always, you can call in and talk with us on the air at (347) 826-7864. We've got a whole lot to go through, from the Hartnell-for-Umberger trade to the Schenn extension to some other stuff that happened before that (Kimmo Timonen, maybe?) to some stuff that's gonna happen soon (the NHL Draft this weekend, perchance?). It'll be fun. Join in at the link below beginning at 8.


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