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NHL trade rumors: Ron Hextall says the Flyers will try to move up in Friday's draft

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There have been rumors, and now there's at least some indication right from the man at the top.

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It started last week with a rumor out of Edmonton. Then CBC speculated about it on Monday. Now, it's coming right from the top: Ron Hextall has implied the Flyers are going to try to move up in the 2014 NHL Draft, according to a report.

Obviously this doesn't mean that the Flyers are definitely going to trade, and it of course could simply be a smoke screen. The Flyers say that there's an obvious drop off after the 10th pick in this draft and then they come out of nowhere and draft some kid they really love with the No. 17 pick. Who knows. It's hard to trust people this time of year.

But he said it. What do you think?