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Vincent Lecavalier trade likely won't happen until after July 1

The wheels are in motion for a Vincent Lecavalier trade, but it probably won't come until after July 1.

Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

It very much seems like Vincent Lecavalier will be traded this offseason. The rumors have been swirling for weeks. Ron Hextall has alluded to it happening. Lecavalier's agent has alluded to it happening. And now...

This feels like one of those situations where both the player and the team want to end the relationship. That's easier said than done with the contract Vinny has. Most teams won't want to take this deal on their books, and the Flyers will almost certainly need to retain some salary in any deal.


But that's ok. Lecavalier needs to move on, and everybody agrees on that. It seems like a matter of time. It'll probably be after July 1 given that bonus, but the wheels are definitely in motion.