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Why would the Flyers be interested in Jonas Hiller?

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Seems weird.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

This doesn't seem to make all that much sense, but anyway...

Acquiring Jonas Hiller in unrestricted free agency would likely be a mistake. The UFA goalie market is definitely good for the buyers this year, but that doesn't mean that paying Hiller whatever he'll earn on the open market is smart. He's a mediocre goalie -- a pair of .920+ seasons, but nothing above .915 in the last three.

If this is true though and the Flyers do have interest, that's interesting. What does it mean about what they think of Steve Mason? Surely they wouldn't be just bringing a guy like Hiller, who's been a starting goaltender for most of his NHL career with Anaheim, just to be an overpaid backup to Mason. Backup goalies grow on trees.

So does it mean that Ron Hextall is less than confident in Mason going forward? Or does he simply think Hiller would be a good backup option? Weird rumor.