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Ray Emery is back as the Flyers backup goaltender

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Ray Emery will be back as the Flyers backup goaltender in 2014-15.

Bruce Bennett

Ray Emery is back. The Flyers announced that they've signed their backup goaltender to a one year contract, and TSN reports that it's worth $1 million for the year.

That's fine. That's suitable. Whatever works.

For comparison, here's what other goaltenders have gone for on the market this July 1:

Chad Johnson G New York Islanders 2 years, $2.6 million TSN
Justin Peters G Washington Capitals 2 years, $1.9 million NBC
Ryan Miller G Vancouver Canucks 3 years, $18 million Sportsnet
Al Montoya G Florida Panthers 2 years, $2.1 million Panthers / Winnipeg Sun
Thomas Greiss G Pittsburgh Penguins 1 year, $1 million Penguins
Jonas Hiller G Calgary Flames 2 years, $9 million TSN

Miller is the only obvious starter on this list, although Jonas Hiller is getting starter money. It's about equal (or exactly equal) with the money other backup goaltenders are getting. And it's not Martin Brodeur, so we all win.