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From the BSH FanPosts to the front office: Congrats to Eric T.

One of our own now works for an NHL team.

It's been 1,558 days since Eric T. made his first post at Broad Street Hockey. It was a FanPost, right over on the right hand rail of our front page, which anybody in the world can do.

It was a smart one too, as you'd imagine if you've ever read his work. Eric talked about how much rest goaltenders need and when teams should think about starting their backup goaltender, just one of many smart FanPosts he contributed to our little community.

About a year later -- not sure why it took us that long -- we brought Eric onto the BSH masthead (and changed his username from HuckNZ) where he continued offering truly groundbreaking statistical analysis of the Flyers and of the NHL. Eric's work, along with that of our old friend Geoff Detweiler, helped BSH become one of the leaders in the fancystats NHL blog community.

Eric's gone on to a lot of bigger and better things in the three years since. He's written elsewhere at NHL Numbers and, he's grown a massive following on Twitter, and now, the mainstream NHL community has finally seen the light:

We're extremely proud that Eric got his start here at BSH, and we're only saddened because working for an NHL team means he'll be writing publicly less often. (Also because we don't know what team he's working for, and that means it might not be the Flyers.)

Huge congrats to Eric, a good friend and a brilliant dude, for this accomplishment. Hopefully he keeps hanging out down in the comments section.

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