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The Stanley Cup has arrived in our area, and it hurts

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What a slap in the face.

You're probably at work, so keep the swear words to a minimum if you can. MOTHER FU

That was Wednesday night on the steps of the Art Museum. This lovely Thursday morning, the Cup is on the beach down in Sea Isle City, where .... well, it's a party that's just getting started.

It appears as though the Cup's first stop was at the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol headquarters. The Cup then arrived on the beach around 75th Street, where the line to get your picture taken with it was very long, and very orange. (Flyers orange, not spray tan orange.)

Today is John Stevens' day with the Cup. Tomorrow, Friday the 18th, is Justin Williams' day, and as we noted last week, he'll be spending it in Ventnor and Atlantic City, just as he did two years ago.