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Kill your P.K. Subban or Ryan Johansen dreams right now, Flyers fans

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The Flyers will not be going after restricted free agents this summer.

Harry How

P.K. Subban is an restricted free agent, and there's word that he's not all that close with the Montreal Canadiens on a new contract. The Flyers are one of the only teams in the league that actually have the balls to drop an offer sheet on another teams star player, so it's not all that far fetched to dream that they could do the same with Subban.

Or maybe Ryan Johansen. The budding young Columbus Blue Jackets star is an RFA and is also far apart with his team on a deal. OFFER SHEETS!

Except no. Not going to happen. Hextall was asked yesterday about the potential of going after RFAs. Not gonna happen.

"We wouldn't be able to anyway," Hextall said," but that wouldn't be high on my priority list, no.

So just go ahead and kill those offer sheet dreams, guys. Especially you, Randy Miller.