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The Lehigh Valley Phantoms new mascot is named Melvin

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He looks just like Dax.

Dax The Beaver was the weirdly lovable mascot who accompanied the Adirondack Phantoms between 2011 and their final game this past April. We were super confused by him when the Phantoms introduced him, but then he photobombed an interview and we fell in love.

Dax won't be making the move to Allentown with the team this fall, but the Lehigh Valley Phantoms will have a mascot that looks basically just like Dax. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Melvin. (Yes, the Phantoms unveiled their new mascot with a five minute YouTube video.)

Judging by the Facebook comments here, a lot of Phantoms fans were hoping the team would bring back Phlex, the team's mascot from their first days at the Spectrum until 2011 when Dax was introduced. That ain't happening. I mean, the team had this perfectly good orange beaver costume just sitting around, so ...

Anyway, Phlex or not, Melvin already hates Hershey and the Penguins. So that's good.

melvin bears

melvin penguins