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The Flyers are getting a third jersey in 2014-15

Will it be black? Will it be the same design as the primary jerseys? Nobody knows!

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There have been rumors for a while now, but at a Flyers season ticket holder event on Tuesday night, a more official confirmation was made: the Flyers will have a third jersey next season.

The Reebok catalog previously indicated that the Flyers would be sporting a new alternate jersey this coming year, but this is some actual confirmation. Shawn Tilger is the team's COO of business operations.

The Flyers last introduced a third jersey (excluding 2010 and 2012 when they wore special jerseys for the Winter Classic) in 2008-09, when they first brought back their current home orange jerseys. That switched to the primary in 2009-10 and the old black alternate became the alternate. They wound up ditching the black after that season.

Prior to that, the Flyers wore that God-awful orange jersey with the 3D crest from 2002-07. From 1997 to 2001, they wore black for the first time, introducing an alternate jersey that was the same as their then-primary jerseys, just with swapped colors.

The safe bet would be that the Flyers would go black for this new alternate, but who knows. What would you like to see?