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Here's what Wells Fargo Center looks like in NHL 15

We are never getting rid of #ClutchTime, are we?

You can see a bigger version if you load the full tweet.

Wells Fargo Center looks pretty good in NHL 15. This year's installment of EA's hockey video game comes with "authentic arenas" for the first time, and they nailed the WFC pretty much on the head, as you can see by the photo here. The scoreboard is near-perfect, if not completely perfect, and a lot of the minor detail from around the rink is just about perfect as well.

A few things they missed, though:

  • The banners aren't correct. There's no indent on the black border, the fonts are different, etc. The only thing they have right on these banners is the color.
  • Have you ever said "Go Flyers Go"? Like ever, in your entire life?
  • No Sixers banners, no "BILLY JOEL SELL OUT" banner, etc. Probably for rights reasons, but still not completely authentic. Also no "WELCOME TO COMCAST COUNTRY," again probably for rights reasons.
  • It could just be this photo, but the lighting seems a little off. At puck drop, the lower level of the WFC crowd isn't in the shadows like it is here.
Minor details, though. They basically nailed it and it's pretty cool. The only real problem is the over-use of "#ClutchTime" but we all know that's not EA's fault. Kill #ClutchTime please.