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It took 15 minutes for Claude Giroux to get injured at training camp

Claude Giroux is hurt and he left the ice shortly after the first day of training camp began.

Bruce Bennett

Claude Giroux has a lower-body injury, perhaps something wrong with his groin or leg, and he left practice just a few minutes into the first day of Flyers training camp Friday.

Ron Hextall announced that the team is evaluating Giroux's condition and will only say that it's a lower-body ailment. Initial reports from Voorhees made it seem like this was nothing serious, but then time passed and Giroux didn't return. Darroll Powe, in Flyers camp on an AHL contract, replace Giroux in line rushes, and Claude never returned to the ice.

Judging from these comments from onlookers, it seems like a muscle problem in his leg is the best guess ... but we'll see.