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Flyers vs. Devils preview and discussion thread: Another day, another preseason game

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It's the fourth preseason game of 2014, and this one isn't even on TV.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Flyers are in Newark this evening to take on the Devils in their fifth official preseason game of 2014, and we have to ask: if a game isn't broadcast on television, and only 2,000 people are in the building to witness it (heh, Jersey joke), does it actually happen?

Tonight's game will be on the radio, if you're diehard enough to listen to a radio broadcast of a preseason NHL game that holds little-to-no-meaning. We don't know the exact lineup that the Flyers will send north, but we do know that it won't include Claude Giroux or Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, both of whom have been injured of late. Sean Couturier and Ray Emery are also banged up and have practiced, but again, we're not really sure what the roster is going to look like.

The Flyers rolled past the Devils on Thursday night in Philadelphia on the back of four power play goals, so of course the Devils would like to cut down on taking penalties. We'd be happy to see that power play continue to click, because it's going to be an important element of any success the team has this season.

You can listen to this one on 97.5 The Fanatic tonight at 7 p.m. Go Flyers.