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Thursday Morning Fly By: Only 4 hours late!

This Fly By is four hours late, proof that Hinkle is the glue that keeps BSH together...

Mitchell Leff

* Here's the Flyers rookie camp roster. It begins September 12 in Voorhees and the team will announce more details regarding practice times later. [BSH]

* Part 2 of CSN's interview with Ron Hextall. [CSN]

* Kimmo Timonen will play in Claude Giroux's upcoming charity golf tournament, but he hasn't been cleared to play hockey. [CSN]

* Gary Bettman Denies NHL Expansion Rumors, Part XXXVII [CP]

* Oh lawd that's a lot of money there David Krejci [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

* Tampa Bay Times Forum is no longer known as Tampa Bay Times Forum. [Raw Charge]

* Sidney Crosby wasn't actually arrested. Damn. [SB Nation]

* EA Sports releases NHL 2115, where you can play with "new teams like the Honolulu Soul Surfers, Salem Hunters, or Toronto Maple Leafs 2: The Sequel Is Even Worse Somehow." [Jewels From The Crown]

* And speaking of video games, Jon Bois is Breaking Madden again this year. In Week 1, he tried to get Jadeveon Clowney 201 sacks in a game. [SB Nation]