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Friday Morning Fly By: Things are happening soon? Maybe?

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

Voracek! Old school Mark Streit! DiPietr-- /injures hip
Voracek! Old school Mark Streit! DiPietr-- /injures hip
Bruce Bennett

* We learned yesterday who would be on the roster for training camp, which begins on September 19 OH MY GOD THAT'S ONLY TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. [BSH]

* The 14 best right wingers in the NHL. Hey, there's a Flyer on the list! []

* The Penguins signed Dan Carcillo hahahahahahahahahaha ok fine it was only a try-out contract but still funny. [Pensburgh]

* Speaking of the Penguins, a heroic crew of justice seekers is trying to bring Sidney Crosby to justice for the crimes he totally committed in Ottawa early Wednesday morning: [Lighthouse Hockey]

* Meltzer talks about rookie camp/the rookie game next week. [Hockeybuzz]

* Ron Hextall talks to CSN Philly in part three of their interview about this offseason: [CSN Philly]

* Some words on the aftermath of the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore case, which was officially closed yesterday after Moore and his team made a statement: [Toronto Star]

* Hey, remember Rick DiPietro? He's now a sports talk radio host who makes fun of himself on Twitter. [Newsday]

* New hockey stats websites are slowly but surely popping up -- here's the intro post for another one, Progressive Hockey. [Progressive Hockey]

* A close look at the Blue Jackets, who (if I may, uh, paraphrase a bit) are dirty sneaky cheaters: [theScore]

* NHL 15 miiiiiiiiiight be missing a few things: [Operation Sports]

* Finally, courtesy of information gathered on Reddit, hockey fans swear a LOT. More than other sports fans. Bruins fans lead the pack in this esteemed department, though the Flyers aren't too far behind. [Sporting News]