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Ryan White to miss start of training camp with injury, according to report

New signing Ryan White will reportedly miss the beginning of training camp. That'll hurt his chances of making the Flyers roster.

Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan White, the fourth-line depth forward signed by the Flyers on August 7, will miss training camp after surgery on his left pectoralis. The report comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

White had a chance to earn a fourth-line job with the team this season in camp, and he was actually quite well-liked by Canadiens fans last season. He can play strong defensive minutes and will get under the skin of opponents, and Andrew Berkshire of Habs Eyes On The Prize told us last month that White has the ability to be a "penalty drawing machine." Keep in mind that doesn't necessarily equate to "discipline": he has 232 penalty minutes in 141 career NHL games.

With this injury, it seems like White's only real potential to make the Flyers this season will be as a call up. He last played in the AHL in 2011-12 with the Hamilton Bulldogs.