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Mason leaves game with injury after routine save

He's been battling an injury recently and it caught up to him today as Steve Mason had to leave the game against the Bruins.

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mason left today's game against the Bruins in the first period. He made a routine right-pad save and then tried to push from left to right and collapsed, unable to get up. It appears to be an injury to his right leg.

Earlier this week Mason had to leave practice after some discomfort and it was revealed that he would undergo an MRI. It seems Mason may have originally incurred the injury in the third period against the Senators on Tuesday.

The MRI did not reveal an injury as Mason was back at it against the Capitals on Thursday night. At one point during the game however he did appear to tweak the injury but he stayed in the game ultimately earning the overtime win.

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