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Braydon Coburn out 4 weeks: Will this impact his trade deadline value?

The worst part of losing Braydon Coburn for a month isn't that he'll be off the ice. It's that it hurts his trade deadline value.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Braydon Coburn will miss four weeks after blocking a shot with his foot on Monday night, the Flyers announced. Officially it's a lower-body injury, but we all know this happened when he blocked a shot.

With the injury, and the other injury to defenseman Nicklas Grossmann, the Flyers are down to six healthy defensemen. This means that Carlo Colaiacovo will check back into the lineup on Wednesday vs. Washington, and it could mean a recall is coming from Lehigh Valley as well. Brandon Manning was just named to the AHL All-Star Game, scheduled for January 25 and 26, and could be an option for recall. If he's here he better play, though.

Coburn missed time earlier in the season with a broken foot. Tough luck for the guy.

Will this impact his trade value?

Coburn will be back in the Flyers lineup in time for the trade deadline, but he'll be cutting it close for sure. If the four week timetable outlined by the Flyers is correct, he'll be back around February 10. There are 10 or 11 games between now and then that Coburn will miss, and then nine or 10 games after he's set to return before the March 2 deadline.

Coburn likely is a valuable trade chip at the deadline for the Flyers. He's a solid defenseman who's not a rental player, as his contract doesn't expire for another year. He would definitely be a nice addition for a team that needs some help on defense heading into the playoffs.

Since the Flyers are not heading to the playoffs and need to ditch some pieces on defense before some of the young defensive prospects likely join the team next season, Coburn was and is definitely a candidate for a trade.

That's the worst part of this injury: not that the Flyers are losing Coburn for 10 games, even though he is valuable despite how many fans seem to hate his game. You could make the argument that losing Coburn improves the Flyers draft position because they'll lose more games without him.

But the worst part is definitely that it hurts his potential trade value, as teams won't be as inclined to give up value for a player who might not be 100 percent healthy. That's not what the Flyers need right now.