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Here's our perfectly reasonable Martin Brodeur-to-Philadelphia fantasy

Martin Brodeur's career is over. He's taken leave from the St. Louis Blues to mull over the future of his career, but let's be real, he's done. He's over the hill and frankly just not very good at hockey any more.

CSN Philly asked the question earlier today anyway, though: with question marks around Steve Mason's health and an apparent (or perhaps completely made up) distrust in Ray Emery by the coaching staff, could the Flyers go out and get Brodeur? The answer is no, and for the record, the CSN question was asked more as a joke than anything else.

But Martin Brodeur is a man who ruined my childhood, and maybe yours too. So I had a (completely sarcastic) idea.

(It would be the most successful Flyers Wives Carnival in history.)

And thus, my fantasy. This miserable Flyers season would be completely salvaged by this.

marty in a spotlight

I'm pretty sure the Flyers could sell out the Wells Fargo Center at least once for this. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be over here fantasizing for the rest of the day.