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Kimmo Timonen's playing status still unclear; blood clots not totally cleared

Some of Kimmo Timonen's blood clots are gone, but not all of them. It's not good news for his playing status.

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports

After waiting patiently for news of Kimmo Timonen's recent testing, the Flyers announced Saturday morning in Buffalo that the defenseman is not quite ready to return to action and that really, there's no word yet on if he'll ever be able to resume his playing career.

Kimmo cant play NHL hockey with these clots, as they mean he must stay on blood thinners which make it too dangerous to play at a high level. While it's certainly good news that the clots in his lungs have gone away, the problem is still there and that means Kimmo can't suit up.

Hextall sounds like he's holding out hope a little bit with regards to Kimmo playing this season, but everybody has said all along that they won't risk his health to get him back on the ice. We're into the back half of the season now, the Flyers are likely not going to be a playoff team, and it's looking like we're getting close to the official end for Kimmo Timonen.