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Claude Giroux narrowly avoids serious leg injury, thanks to Kevlar sock

Earlier tonight in a game against the Carolina Hurricanes, Claude Giroux sustained a nasty looking injury. Luckily, all is alright.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

In Friday night's game against the Carolina Hurricanes, Flyers fans were brought to a panic.

In the third period while killing a penalty, Claude Giroux found himself in the wrong place when Hurricanes defenseman Justin Faulk dropped his skate right down on the Flyers captain's ankle.

It looked ... well, pretty awful:

After that video came out, a few people noted that blood was visible through Giroux's equipment. He left the ice with the help of teammates and medical staff, and things didn't look so good.

Well, it seems all is fine, as the Flyers have announced that Giroux is probable for tomorrow night's game against the New Jersey Devils.

It seems that Giroux just narrowly escaped injury thanks in part to a Kevlar sock and lucky placement of the cut.