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Flyers vs. Islanders by the numbers: Only 35 more games of this!

Scoring chances for Mondays 7-4 loss to the Islanders.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

As you might expect from the final score, the chance numbers were a little lopsided in this game. For the first 40 minutes the Islanders dominated even strength play and special teams.

It wasn't until the third period when the Flyers finally managed to tilt the ice in their favor, but by then the game was already well out of hand.

Home/Away Chance Locations

The Flyers reverted to their top line-heavy form, letting the Giroux line do most of the work offensively while Couturier's line got blitzed.

Rather than letting just the Tavares line work them over, Couturier's group was equally awful against the entirety of the Islanders lineup.

Michael Raffl acquitted himself very well at center ice. His line spent an extended shift beating up on the Islanders top line.

Mark Streit and Michael Del Zotto found some success pushing the offensive pace. Unfortunately, they were equally vulnerable in the defensive zone.

In the last Nerd Report, I singled out Carlo Colaiacovo as a great addition to the Flyers defense. He promptly got hurt along with Nick Schultz. So you can expect the entire Phantoms defense to be playing after the All-Star break. You're welcome.

  • Set Up - The primary pass on a scoring chance, including rebounds.
  • Chance - The primary shot on a scoring chance, including deflections.
  • Involved - The sum of both set ups and chances

Only 35 more games to go!