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Zac Rinaldo to have NHL player safety hearing Monday afternoon

The Flyers forward will have his suspension hearing on Monday afternoon, either by phone or in New York City.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Zac Rinaldo's hearing with the NHL's department of player safety will be Monday afternoon -- the All-Star Break is likely delaying the proceedings here -- at 12:30 p.m. ET. Rinaldo has been offered an in-person hearing at the league offices in New York City, which the NHL must do if they wish to levy a suspension over five games.

The player has the option whether or not to actually accept the in-person hearing. He can choose for it to be a phone hearing if he wishes, but the NHL still reserves that right to a lengthy suspension once offering the in-person hearing.

Hard to really predict how long this suspension is going to be. My guess is at least eight games, but it could be longer. There will likely be more clarity on Kris Letang's injuries by Monday so that could make a difference in the ultimate decision, since the NHL definitely takes injury into account.

But either way, expect a lengthy suspension.