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The Flyers sent a proper Christmas gift to little kid who hates the Penguins

Remember the little Flyers fan who got a Penguins jersey for Christmas and promptly threw it away in disgust? Well, just like you, the Flyers saw that video ... and they sent him a proper gift for the holiday.

For those unable to see the video, the Flyers sent little Kohlsen Fisher:
  • an autographed Claude Giroux jersey
  • an invitation to a game and into the locker room afterwards
  • a Flyers pennant
  • a Flyers blanket
  • a Flyers cup
  • Flyers sunglasses
  • a Flyers puck!
  • a bright orange Flyers beanie
  • another jersey, the old black one
Those are good people there on South Broad Street.