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'I'm not bud, I'm Voracek!' kid gets to meet Jake Voracek

It's a really awesome week in the Little Kids Being Turned Into Life Long Fans Of The Philadelphia Flyers department. Earlier, we shared the video of little Kohlsen Fisher, who was given a Penguins jersey for Christmas, and then was sent a huge package from the Flyers that included tickets, an invitation to the locker room, and two jerseys.

Then there's the story of "bud" -- (that's not his name, by the way) -- the little guy who proclaimed that "I'm not bud, I'm Voracek" in a video that went viral a few weeks back. On Tuesday night after the Flyers win against Ottawa, he and his family got to go down into the bowels of the Wells Fargo Center and meet Jakub Voracek and most of the team. It was awesome.

The Flyers might stink on the ice this year, but this stuff really, honestly makes none of that matter.