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Steve Mason injury: Flyers goaltender undergoes MRI, but what happened?

Hard to tell exactly what happened to the Flyers goaltender, but we'll know more soon.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mason left Flyers practice after just a few minutes of workout on Wednesday morning, and according to reporters in Voorhees, he'll undergo an MRI later to find out the extent of his injury.

But what happened?

We went back and looked at the tape of last night's game -- one in which Mason was a pretty critical piece during the shootout, stopping 4 of 5 Senators he faced -- and it's possible it was on this rather innocuous play in the third period.

You can tell there was definitely some discomfort there just by looking at his face, and Mason spent some time on the ice -- not a lot of time, but some time -- before getting back up and resuming play.

Mason suffered a back injury in practice a few weeks ago that caused him to miss two games on the Flyers recent eight-game road trip. Mason does have a history of back injuries, so maybe he aggravated something that's already there.