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NHL, NHLPA donate $950,000 to Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation

Great donation for a worthy cause.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly are in Philadelphia tonight to award a $950,000 check to the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Association on behalf of the league and the NHLPA.

Snider, the 82-year-old owner of the Flyers, was not in attendance as he recovers from some medical therapy he recently underwent in California.

"We wish Ed Snider would be here with us tonight," said Bettman, "because there is no one more passionate about hockey, the Flyers, and the city of Philadelphia, then Ed. But he also has another great passion that I’m going to speak to in a minute. Ed will be back with us soon I have no doubt and we’re wishing him well."

More from the commissioner on this award:

Snider Hockey is the other passion of Ed’s that I was alluding to. When it comes to programs for youth that use education, after school programs, rink development, and combines it with education to provide a framework for teamwork, hard work, studying, diligence, and really getting yourself into a position where all the important values in life are instilled upon you, there’s no program that does it better than Snider Hockey.

The number of students in a school system where there is so many dropouts that have actually completed high school and gone onto college is incredible. It’s a testament to Ed’s determination, his commitment, his vision, financial resources, and that’s why we’re here tonight. I’m proud on behalf of the National Hockey League and the Players Association to be presenting a check to Snider Hockey for $950,000. In terms of worthy causes and programs that make a difference this is at the top of my list so congratulations to Snider Hockey.

Snider Hockey is one of the best hockey programs benefitting inner city youth in North America, and it has been the model for several similar programs in other cities. It's a passion of Mr. Snider's, and it's great to see the league and the union give this money to such a worthy cause.

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