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Help us name a new section here at BSH

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Hey, so we're creating a new section here at BSH that will collect all of our short, fun content around the site.

Things like highlights of goals or saves or games, funny GIFs, stupid stuff the players do off the ice, or anything that doesn't really fit into the category of Serious Hockey Content™ will be thrown into this section.

We need your help naming this new section. Some examples of similar sections from other sites include:

  • Twigs at Pension Plan Puppets, a Toronto blog. (Get it -- it's a "Leafs" joke.)
  • One Timers at Second City Hockey, a Blackhawks blog. Generic, but it works.
  • Short Shifts at On The Forecheck, a Predators blog. Also generic, but it also works.
  • #kickbait at Sounder At Heart, a Seattle Sounders soccer blog. Too good.
  • ... you get the idea.

Ideally we don't want to go with just a generic hockey term like "Sin Bin" or "Poke Checks" -- we want it to be something at least a little unique to the Flyers or to Philadelphia. And "Fly By" is already taken since we use it every morning. The only other thing is that we don't want it to be too player-specific, since players get traded and stuff. SB Nation had that problem when they named the Devils blog In Lou We Trust ... yeah, it was pretty awkward when he left the Devils.

So with all of that in mind, please help. Give us your suggestions. Here are a few that we've either come up with or have been sent so far. Beware, there are puns.

  • Tasty Takes
  • Traffic Cones
  • Landing Pad
  • On The Radar
  • Broad Strokes
  • Ginger Snaps
  • Guffaws
  • Flyera Files
  • Hat Clicks
  • The Brotherly Shove
  • Bullies Bites
  • Chirps

Vote in the poll, and share your own ideas in the comments. Please and thanks.