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Steve Mason confirms family issue impacted performance in 7-1 loss

Let's hope everything is OK with Steve Mason.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Mason is back with the Flyers, practicing and getting ready to get back in the lineup on Tuesday night against the Dallas Stars. He expects to be in the lineup for that game after missing the last two.

He spoke to the media in Voorhees on Friday morning and noted that the family issue he's been dealing with did indeed impact his performance in last week's ugly 7-1 loss in Florida.

"It's definitely nice to be back around the team setting here and I can start focusing on hockey now," Mason said. "There was definitely a mental hurdle that needed to be overcome and it just takes time. That's why I took the time to come out to morning skate just to be around the guys and also just working back at hockey and doing things you love to do."

This sounds like it was very serious, so we hope everything is ok with Mason and his family.