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NHL 16 predicts Flyers will finish near bottom of Eastern Conference in 2015-16

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81 points is ... not good.

Welp. According to EA Sports' full season simulation via NHL 16, the Philadelphia Flyers are in for a pretty rough year.

The simulation video doesn't really go into detail about the Flyers, and you can't blame it, considering it has them finishing with 81 points, tied with the Carolina Hurricanes and just two points up on the New Jersey Devils for the position of worst in the Eastern Conference. Overall in the league it has the Flyers ahead of just New Jersey, Dallas, San Jose and Arizona and tied with Carolina and Vancouver.

Here are the full East standings as predicted by EA:

  1. Tampa Bay: 101 points
  2. NY Rangers: 100 points
  3. Detroit: 99 points
  4. Pittsburgh: 97 points
  5. Montreal: 96 points
  6. Columbus: 93 points
  7. Washington: 92 points
  8. NY Islanders: 91 points (last team in)
  9. Ottawa: 91 points (first team out)
  10. Buffalo: 89 points
  11. Florida: 85 points
  12. Toronto: 83 points
  13. Philadelphia: 81 points
  14. Carolina: 81 points
  15. New Jersey: 74 points

NHL 16 has the a Canadiens vs. Penguins Final in the East and a Ducks vs. Wild Final in the West. In the Cup Final it has the Canadiens against the Ducks. Anaheim will win, according to them. They picked Anaheim vs. the New York Rangers a year ago and ... well, that didn't happen, although both teams were Conference Finalists. Here's the full video:

h/t Polygon