Flyers lose preseason game that we were all lucky enough to not watch


The Flyers played their final game of the preseason tonight in New Jersey against the Devils. The game was on TV nowhere, and we won't do you all the disservice of trying to give an full-blown recap of this game from the radio broadcast. In brief: Flyers lose 3-2 in a shootout. One goal from Ryan White while shorthanded in the 2nd period, one from Jakub Voracek on the power play in the 3rd period. Claude Giroux had assists on both goals. Flyers coughed up a third-period lead with 3:31 left in the game and went to OT before losing a 1-0 shootout. No one got hurt, as far as I remember hearing. And thus ends the preseason. Flyers finish at 3-2-2. Now we wait for the final roster cut to be made and the season to begin on Thursday. Go Flyers.