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The reviews are in and literally everybody hates 'SkyCam' in NHL broadcasts

It's awful.

Last week we wrote about how awful that new SkyCam is from the perspective of the fan watching at home. It has some utility with replays and stuff, but for the most part it's just nauseating. It makes it harder to follow the puck and it's just plain confusing, especially during live play.

The thing was in use again Tuesday night for CSN Philly's broadcast of the game against Dallas and it's just as bad for those in the seats. In fact, it might be worse.

That last view is from the press box, which is considerably higher than the mezzanine level at the Wells Fargo Center. I'll say that I did get used to it after a few shifts from the press box, and I didn't really notice it after a while.

But I didn't get a first-hand look at the SkyCam from the top of the mezzanine level, and I can only imagine how annoying it is floating by every few seconds. It's directly in view, and it's pretty big. Look at those pictures. Terrible.

Literally everybody seems to hate this thing. Here's a sample from Twitter:

Complain to the Flyers directly if you want this thing to go away. Call the team, tweet at them, email them. Whatever works best for you. SkyCam is still a "test" so it's far from permanent.