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Hear what Ryan White said to Antoine Roussel in the penalty box

NSFW for language, as you'd imagine.

Ever want to be a fly on the wall when NHL players are yelling at each other in the penalty box? Well, here you go. (There's bad language, obviously.)

Posted by Broad Street Hockey: For Philadelphia Flyers Fans on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ryan White of the Flyers and Antoine Roussel of the Stars got into a bit during the game on Tuesday night, and CSN's cameras caught them jawing back and forth. White even started clapping for Roussel at one point.

Somebody sitting right behind the glass next to White took video, and you can hear about 10 seconds of the exchange between the two players from White's side of things.

How much would you pay to watch an uncensored version of an NHL broadcast? Put it on HBO, mic up all the players, show it live, print the cash. (I'll take a measly $100k for the idea, Mr. Bettman.)

This video was sent to us on Thursday. We're still not sure who took it, so email us if it was you so we can credit you.