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Radko Gudas could be suspended for this hit on Rangers' Viktor Stalberg

Not great.

Radko Gudas wasn't even penalized for this hit on Rangers forward Viktor Stalberg on Saturday night, but he definitely could be facing a call from the NHL's Department of Player Safety.

Gudas definitely clips Stalberg's head here, but the question -- which was the same question that we had on the Zac Rinaldo hit on Sean Couturier the other night -- is whether or not the head is the "principal point of contact." In the case of the Rinaldo hit, the league ruled that no, it wasn't, and that was enough for the Bruin to avoid suspension. In this case, it's not so sure if Gudas will be so lucky.

Stalberg left the game, but the Flyers actually wound up with a power play after Chris Kreider was whistled for interference on the same play.