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Michael Raffl is 'all clear' to return to Flyers lineup after concussion scare

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It looked as though he might miss some time, but Michael Raffl is just fine and will be in the Flyers lineup on Tuesday vs. Buffalo.

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Raffl says he's fine and will be ready to go on Tuesday night when the Flyers return to action.

There were fears of a nasty concussion on Saturday night when Rangers forward Jarret Stoll (unintentionally) elbowed Raffl in the side of the head. Raffl collapsed on the bench after the hit, then remained out for the rest of the game.

"I felt a little dizzy and was just trying to make my way back to the bench to take a seat and the next thing I know I just woke up again and everybody was freaking out," Raffl said Monday morning after practice. "Just a shot on my chin. A knockout point, I guess. Nothing serious. I was fine 10 minutes after honestly. I feel fine today and yesterday was perfect.

"I'm all clear. I never had a headache or anything, so I feel fine."