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Former Flyer Jeremy Roenick tries to attack an alligator for some reason

... Okay???

He's so concerned he's not in the frame! Though if someone was filming me in portrait mode, I guess I'd be concerned, too.

Especially when I'm about to lunge at an alligator that's just trying to enjoy a nice sunny day. Just going full out, leaving my feet jumping for this thing and everything. I mean, it's not every day you find an alligator just chilling there, but... still.

The alligator very wisely got out of Roenick's way. Some strange human is suddenly trying to grab you, you probably don't want to hang around and see what else that human wants to do. Even if Roenick was probably harmless. ... Probably.

I wonder what it's like to go golfing with Jeremy Roenick when you don't find any wildlife lounging around? Almost certainly still insanely entertaining. "That was awesome."