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BSH Radio archive: No more MacDonald, recapping the preseason, and sizing up the Flyers' chances in the Metro

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UPDATE: Wednesday night's episode is complete. You can download an mp3 of the podcast at this link (NOTE: audio file will download automatically), or you can listen to it via this link or the audio player below.


0:00 - Random ad / intros (note: if you are listening to the mp3 or on the blogtalkradio site, as opposed to the player below, the ad will not be present and you can subtract 30 seconds off of each of these times)

1:38 - Andrew MacDonald got waived! Wow! Is this for the best? What does it mean for the Flyers this year?

6:10 - When will he be back? And who gets called up first, him or Shayne Gostisbehere?

9:51 - We know the opening roster and lineup! What do we think about it?

13:13 - Kurt gets mad on line about Sam Gagner not being in the lineup

16:39 - What did we think of how Hakstol coached this team in the preseason?

19:37 - We got a caller! No one is expecting the Flyers to be good, so which Flyers could get traded this year? Is Evgeny Medvedev a guy who the team could eventually deal? And how likely is it that the team is selling off around the deadline?

25:22 - Why might this team be better than everyone expects it to?

28:15 - So much of this team's success hinges on whether or not Medvedev is good

31:31 - What would we define as a successful season for the Flyers?

37:24 - How are we actually expecting the team to do this season?

41:53 - What do we think the East will look like this year?

46:55 - Another caller! What are some of the differences we can anticipate between what Hakstol will do and what Craig Berube did?

50:53 - Last question: who will exceed and fall short of expectations?

57:34 - Final predictions for Thursday's game

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It has been a long, long offseason. And it finally ends on Thursday. We're pretty excited about that here at BSH and we know you are too, so let's all have a chat about it on the internet!

Tune in at 7:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, October 7 to join me (Kelly), Charlie O'Connor, and Kurt R. as we discuss all of the super exciting things we're looking forward to as the season gets underway.

You can listen in live here, submit your questions in the comments below OR give us a call at 347-826-7864. We like calls. Please call us.