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Even the new Chick-fil-A inside Wells Fargo Center will be closed on Sundays

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A look at the new food options coming to the Wells Fargo Center.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

There will be some new food options inside Wells Fargo Center this year, which you may have already seen if you've been to a preseason game. Among them are a few Lee's Hoagies stands and a few Chick-fil-A stands.

  • Chick-fil-A will enter the arena at Sections 110, 104 and 207. There were basic hot dog stands at these sections previously, so our assumption is that those have been replaced. Closed Sundays.
  • Lee's Hoagies will sell sandwiches at Sections 113 and 223, according to There was a Campo's at 113 before, so it's possible that's what's being replaced, since reports that Campo's is taking a step back and focusing on cheesesteaks inside the arena. It's possible that the Lee's upstairs could actually be in the Campo's spot at 221. We'll assume that Campo's spot in the corner near the Pavilion is staying put.
  • The Campo's Deli at Section 101 is being replaced with a spot called "Old City Brewhouse Sandwich Shop."
  • Big Baby's BBQ will set up shop at Sections 119 and 202.

If you've been to a game or are going to the opener next week, let us know the details on these changes and what you think about the new options. via email: broadstreethockey at

h/t Philly.comCrossing Broad