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Wednesday Morning Fly By: Happy NHL opening day, hockey fans.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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*The NHL opens their season tonight, even if we have to wait until tomorrow night. What we don't have to wait for, however, is tomorrow's opening night roster. [Flyers]

*BSH Radio will be live tonight on your internet airwaves. Please to enjoy. [BSH]

*Evidently Nick Schultz is hoping for a different start to this season. [Flyers]

*In sad news, Andrew MacDonald was not picked up off of waivers. So he'll be in Allentown ruining the Phantoms. [BSH]

*There are a lot of new faces on the top lines of NHL teams this year. [TSN]

*The BSH over/under game continues with some guesses at Team Numbers. [BSH]

*Lots of big money NHL vets have uncertain futures these days. [The Globe and Mail]

*So, just how much might a new coach change a team's possession numbers? [TSN]

*Let's take a look at what uniforms have changed this year. [ESPN]

*Sean McIndoe on the odds your favorite player will win an NHL award this year. [Grantland]

*And here are some unorthodox predictions for the '15-'16 season. [Puck Daddy]

*And finally, when you head to the Wells Fargo Center this year you'll havea few more options, food-wise. Fun! [BSH]