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It sure sounds like Rob Zombie's 'Broad Street Bullies' movie isn't going to happen

It's on hold. Still.

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

Rob Zombie was on Newsradio 1060 on Wednesday morning to promote his upcoming show in Allentown, and it was perfect chance for us to get an update on his long-expected Broad Street Bullies film.

The last update we got on this was about a year ago, when he said on Reddit that the film was "on hold" due to other projects he was working on. Now, it's still on hold, but for different reasons -- it's been hard to settle on other kinds of rights issues with the league and the teams and everything else.

Via KYW, here's what Zombie had to say:

"The problem is when you don’t control the material. When it’s an original story that I wrote I can control everything. I don’t have to answer to anybody. But something like the Philadelphia Flyers, Broad Street Bullies, something that’s a true story pre-existing thing there’s so much more protocol you have to go through of getting people to ok things and different steps that just really slow down the process. I work on the movie for about two years.

You know developing the script, and going back and forth with the Flyers, all kinds of different things. It was just one of those things after two years I felt like we had barely…In most cases the movie would be done by that point, but in that case of the ‘Broad Street Bullies’ it felt like it hadn’t progressed like an inch. I felt like, god this is gonna take another five years of non-stop pushing to maybe get this movie made. So that’s when I was like, I got to go do something else. I’ll lose my mind if I devote five or seven years to something that doesn’t happen."

"It’s not necessarily because it’s a sports team, it’s just because it’s anything" he explains. "Everything has to be ok’d, and I understand that because it’s the Flyers and they to protect their team and their franchise and the NHL. Everyone in the movie is an actual person so you need the rights. We didn’t even get to the point where like, they’re playing the Penguins. You have to get the rights to have the Penguins in the movie. It’s really a complicated thing. It was taking forever and there was no guarantee it was even going to work.

"We may go back to it one day, but it just hit a wall."

You can listen to the interview here. Sure sounds like this thing may never happen.