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So much cocaine.

Scooping up excess cocaine across the league.
Scooping up excess cocaine across the league.
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

The new 3-on-3 overtime rule voted into the NHL by league commissioner Gary Escobar had its regular season debut tonight in Tampa in the Flyers-Lightning game. With players flying every which way on breakaways and penalty shots and whatnot, as it started all anybody could talk about was COCAINE.

It wasn't just him.

And your winner:

Not wanting to fall behind the quickening pace of the league, cocaine intake is increasing among players, as acknowledged yesterday by commissioner Escobar, though he did not take responsibility for his role in necessitating its usage by changing the overtime rules.

So in the mean time, hockey fans, stock up on cocaine and enjoy the wild ride.*

*Please don't do cocaine it's bad for you I think and Broad Street Hockey does not endorse cocaine usage, we think.