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Watch: Flyers-Lightning 3-on-3 overtime made me feel like I jumped out of a plane

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The wildest 2:17 of hockey I've seen in a really long time.

If you missed the NHL's first ever official 3-on-3 overtime last night, hoooo boy, did you ever miss something. Good thing this is the Internet and people have recording capability and YouTube, because hey, here it is below. The future is pretty cool.

That was pretty akin to this:

Some thoughts:

  • I counted six scoring chances for the Lightning and three (plus a penalty shot) for the Flyers. In two minutes and 17 seconds.
  • Faceoffs are going to be really, really important in 3-on-3 OT. Flyers went 1-for-3 in this one.
  • Steve Mason. Dude. He bailed himself out at least once -- like that time when he didn't hold it in the first 30 seconds of the OT -- but he was excellent the whole time.
  • The transition game is basically non-existent. If you miss a scoring chance, you might as well just turn around immediately and start backchecking, because you're going to be screwed otherwise.
  • 3:49 mark: Michael Del Zotto got a little ahead of himself trying to catch the Lightning in a change with the long stretch pass to the far blue line. Think I'd rather just see him carry the puck for a while there. Could probably easily gain the red line without being touched in that situation. (Instead, it was a turnover that created a 2-on-1 for the Lightning and Mason had to make a big save.)
  • Scott Laughton outskated two Lightning players -- Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson! -- on that breakaway that led to the penalty shot. Pretty impressive.
  • 3:05 mark: can we talk about Jakub Voracek a) going to get the puck b) muscling aside Alex Killorn c) keeping the puck while moving towards the net and simultaneously shrugging off Killorn and d) forcing Ben Bishop to make a point-blank save? Drool worthy stuff from Jake.
  • On the Lightning GWG, it goes to show just how important every single battle will be. Evgeny Medvedev lost one battle along the boards in the attacking end and five seconds later it's in the back of your net off a breakaway. This will be frustrating, but it'll also work out in the Flyers favor a bunch too.
  • Point is: everything's magnified and more important in 3-on-3 OT, and I love it.