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Make A Wish Foundation, Philadelphia Flyers grant Liam his wish

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He wanted Jakub Voracek to push him on the ice, and you know Jake was gonna be all about that.

By all accounts, following a very poor set of games that culminated with a shutout loss to the Colorado Avalanche, the Flyers had a gruelling practice.

There was some light at the end of that tunnel, though, as at the end the team welcomed Liam Idzi - who has cerebral palsy - and his family to the ice, and spent some time with him.

Liam's little brother Shay's getting in on the fun with the best skating teachers

A photo posted by Philadelphia Flyers (@philadelphiaflyers) on

(That's his little brother, getting some skating lessons from a couple of good teachers.)

Notice how he didn't say "yes"... Which is a problem, because who doesn't like Legos? Come on, G.

And of course, from Jakub Voracek himself:

Ouch. Maybe Liam's goal-scoring abilities will rub off on him, and he can dedicate his first of the season to him.

No matter how the Flyers' season may be going, it's always good to see they'll still take the time to do stuff like this. After all, without the Liams of the world, who are they even playing for? Hopefully it was a great day.