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Thursday Morning Fly By: It can't be worse than Tuesday.

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Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Philadelphia Flyers news and notes...

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

*Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals are in town tonight. Perhaps the Flyers will consider playing hockey this time? Tune in to find out! Puck drops at 7PM.

*Michal Neuvirth visited a doctor yesterday during practice, but evidently he's totally fine. Good news. [BSH]

*Speaking of yesterday's practice, evidently Dave Hakstol really took it to his players. [CSN Philly]

*Afterwards, a few players spoke with the media. [Flyers]

*The Flyers had another closed-door, players-only meeting after Tuesday's shutout loss. That's like, 3 players-only meetings and we're only in November. Good lord. [Sons of Penn]

*Charlie is doing good work, continuing to find ten lessons learned from this garbage hockey games. [BSH]

*Dear god, they're talking about compete level someone please hold me. [Courier-Post]

*And now for a bit of good news! Flyers prospect Nicolas Aube-Kubel is killing it in the Q. [QMJHL]

*Also good is the Flyers fulfilling a kid's wish. [BSH]

*Voice of the Flyers Lou Nolan is being inducted into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. [Flyers]

*In case you haven't yet noticed (and you'll likely be reminded at least once tonight), Alexander Ovechkin is one of the greatest goal scorers to ever play this game. [NHL Numbers]

*Has the NHL's new faceoff rule increased scoring? [Hockey Graphs]

*On why the league won't suspend its diving, embellishing players. [Puck Daddy]

*Gary Bettman is looking forward to growing hockey in Las Vegas and China wait what? [The Globe and Mail]

*And finally, presented without comment: a hockey player and his dog. [The Players' Tribune]